Qualification Template


The units listed below are contained within the qualification template for Utility Network Management and Leadership at Level 3, which identifies the skills and competences required of a first line supervisor. Training programmes that have been endorsed by Energy & Utility Skills for this scheme meet the requirements below.

A full breakdown of the units and how these can be evidenced can be found in the Utility Network Management and Leadership qualification template.

Section A: The Working Environment (all units mandatory)

  • Ensure compliance with regulations, rules, guidelines and company procedures
  • Carry out and ensure that risk assessments take place in the workplace
  • Monitor and ensure compliance with other health, safety, security and environmental procedures in the workplace
  • Demonstrate workplace skills
  • Manage your own resources

Section B: Planning and Organisation (all units mandatory)

  • Obtain and analyse information for decision making
  • Record and store information
  • Plan work, prepare and complete documentation

Section C: Productivity and Performance (all units mandatory)

  • Lead and manage team(s)
  • Give instructions, monitor progress and achieve standards
  • Establish and maintain professional relationships with customers, clients and the general public
  • Manage contract and costs

Section D: Technical Skills and Knowledge (optional 3 from 5)

  • Monitor the work site
  • Monitor the installation and construction process for construction operations
  • Implement de-commissioning methods and procedures for networks
  • Test and/or commission networks
  • Transfer control of networks

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