Safety Health and Environmental Awareness (SHEA) Drains and Sewers

About the Scheme

Our Safety Health and Environmental Awareness (SHEA) suite of schemes have been developed in collaboration with industry to provide a uniform approach to health, safety and environmental awareness training across the utilities sector, in line with Health and Safety Executive guidelines.

Our SHEA Drains and Sewers scheme has been developed in collaboration with The National Association of Drainage Contractors (NADC) and is designed for individuals who require access to operational sites within the drainage and sewerage industry, both permanent and temporary, at all levels including operatives, supervisors and management.

The SHEA Drains and Sewers scheme comprises of 8 modules – Modules 1-6 from SHEA Core which are relevant for all utility industries and support workplace practice in relation to health, safety and environmental law. Modules 12 and 13 are specific to the UK Drainage and Sewerage Industry. It is designed to provide evidence that an individual has demonstrated an appropriate level of knowledge, understanding and behavioural awareness. Individuals must successfully complete training and assessment for all 8 modules. The Scheme does not indicate any level of technical competence or skilled expertise.

Registration on EUSR

SHEA Drains and Sewers EUSR registration is valid for three years.

Renewal of SHEA Drains and Sewers EUSR registration

To renew a SHEA Drains and Sewers EUSR registration, the training and assessment must be re-taken.

For the renewal of SHEA Drains and Sewers EUSR registration, there are two routes:

Duration Training Delivery & Assessment Method
Full Day Face to face training delivery in a classroom and paper-based assessment
Full Day Remote training delivery via an e-Classroom and remote assessment or e-assessment

SHEA Additional

Where an individual already has a SHEA EUSR registration and wants a registration for an additional SHEA scheme, this can be done quite easily.

All SHEA schemes contain SHEA Core Modules 1-6, this means a current SHEA registration can be used as ‘Recognition of Prior Learning’ (RPL) against the new SHEA scheme – there’s no duplicate learning or assessment because it has already been covered in the original SHEA.

Additional SHEA schemes are available for an individual, if the additional SHEA scheme is taken within two years of the registration date of the original SHEA scheme. The start date of the further SHEA registration will be backdated to the start date of the current SHEA; this is important as this aligns the timing of the SHEA Core renewal modules.

Registration gained from an ‘additional SHEA scheme’ expire on the same date as the original SHEA scheme.

For example: If your EUSR registration for SHEA Power is dated 09/05/2021 and you use modules in this scheme to access reduced training and assessment for a SHEA Water registration, both registrations will expire on 08/05/2024.

SHEA Mapped

Some organisations already carry out their own health and safety training, sometimes as part of an induction for new employees or when an employee moves to a more operational role. If this is the case, then this training can be mapped to our SHEA standards. 

An individual successfully completing your own approved SHEA Mapped training programme is eligible for SHEA registration on EUSR. It is a mandatory requirement, for SHEA Mapped training programmes, that you use EUSR SHEA assessments and to deliver SHEA Mapped, you must be an EUSR approved provider.

SHEA Mapped is useful for employers as it stops duplication of training on similar Health and safety topics.

CSCS Partner

SHEA Drains and Sewers is a CSCS Alliance scheme which gives power industry workers access to construction site for utilities work. For further details please consult the CSCS Partner page.

Find Out More

If you would like to get trained in this scheme, please see our list of training providers. If you are a trainer and would like to deliver this please see our guidance in the Approval and Delivery section

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