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The course content and delivery specification has been developed through consultation with the energy and utilities industries. Training material is produced and managed by Energy & Utility Skills  on the industry’s behalf. The content is reviewed periodically and consists of 8 modules. The first 7 modules must be completed and depending on the individual’s job role they can also complete the additional 8th module, Waste Collection: Driving Operatives. The course may only be delivered by trainers approved and licensed by Energy & Utility Skills. The course will be delivered through the context of the waste and resource management industries.


Introduction to the waste sectorUnderstanding of waste hierarchy and processes. Knowledge of waste type and classification. Understanding of how waste is processed and sorted after collection. Know the purpose of materials recycling facilities (MRF) and landfill.
Legislation, regulation and company proceduresKnowledge of employer responsibilities relating to the Health & Safety legislation, regulation and company procedures. The individual’s role and responsibilities in relation to the Health & Safety legislation, regulation and company procedures. Understanding of Health and Safety regulations and the role of the regulators.
Health and safety in the workplaceDifference between a hazard and a risk. How hazards are associated with materials, equipment, the environment and people. Understanding the control measures and principles behind risk assessments and control methods to reduce risk.
What happens if things go wrong?Understanding how hazards occur, the causes of near misses and accidents. How to control risks in a workplace environment. Understanding of fire safety and first aid regulations.
Occupational hazards and consequencesUnderstanding of the role of Occupational Health relating to potential risks and hazards in the workplace. How the regulations Manual Handling and COSHH are applied to the Health and Safety of the workplace. How to identify hazardous substances, the potential risks involved and how to manage these risks.
Onsite risks and precautionsRisks associated with excavations and confined spaces. Understanding the principles and requirements of working at heights. Understanding the principles and requirements of working in the vicinity of overhead and rail services.
The environmentKnow and understand employer & employee responsibilities regarding environmental legislation, regulation and company procedures. Know what to do when things go wrong and the benefits of environmental management. Know how to identify environmental issues and manage them appropriately. Know the regulations relating to the environment and waste and how to appropriately deal with hazardous materials.

Optional module: This module is not a requirement for registration on SHEA Waste and Resource Management. Successful completion of this module results in an additional EUSR registration for ‘Waste collection: drivers and operatives’.

Waste collection: drivers and operativesKnow safe practices when working with collection vehicles and associated equipment. Understand the risks and hazards associated with waste collection and members of the public.

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