Grundomat Course (Tracto Technik-UK)


This product is operated by Tracto Technik – UK.

The TRACTO-TECHNIK UK training event for new and experienced GRUNDOMAT Operators will explain how to safely and correctly use the GRUNDOMAT soil displacement hammer, and its operating accessories, for a variety of utility pipe, duct, cable and displacement operations. The course can be held in Bedford or Kirkcaldy at our Learning and Development Centres, or a customer premises.

Duration and Detail

The one day event for up to 8 individuals comprises a morning PowerPoint classroom demonstration and questionnaire. This is followed in the afternoon with a full practical hands-on assessment using a GRUNDOMAT soil displacement hammer and its accessories.

Successful individuals will subsequently be awarded a TRACTO-TECHNIK UK certificate of competence, and a new or updated Energy & Utility Skills card, showing they have attended the accredited GRUNDOMAT Operators event.


Training being carried out at a customer’s own premises will be required to provide:

  • Meeting/classroom facilities for the duration of the event.
  • For the practical session, an outdoor site to be made available with launch and reception trenches to be excavated approximately 3 metres apart. These should be excavated prior to our arrival on site and be maintained in a dry and safe working condition throughout the duration of the training course.
  • A compressor for our use during the training course, which should be capable of producing 85 cfm with a constant working pressure of 100 psi.
  • A start trench – should measure 1.5 metres long x 2 metres wide x 0.6 metres deep.
  • An exit trench – should be of similar dimensions.

Individual Requirements

  • Individuals must wear full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the practical session.
  • EUSR registration number (if registered).


  • Welcoming comments/introduction.
  • Course outline/objectives introductions.
  • What is a GRUNDOMAT?
  • Basic operating principle.
  • Allied accessories and special interchangeable heads and cones.
  • Various ground conditions.
  • Direct towing in of PVC/PE ducts and pipes.
  • Health and safety.
  • GRUNDOMAT lubricators and oils, other accessories including GRUNDOSCOPE aiming frame, starting cradle and safety legs.
  • Correct air pressure and air hoses.
  • Discussion of a typical job site showing correct operational training.
  • Incorporation of Health and safety issues.
  • Correct operating techniques of the GRUNDOMAT.
  • On site theoretical problem solving.
  • Planning, locating utilities, decommissioning of equipment, troubleshooting, basic operator precaution and maintenance issues.
  • Full practical session including the correct site set up, correct assembly of equipment, and safe working practices.


Registration on EUSR is valid for 3 years from date of training.

Find Out More

To find out more about this endorsed training programme contact Gary Preston, Training Manager at TRACTO-TECHNIK UK, on 01234 342566 or email