MOCoPA & Gas Safe Registration


The Meter Operation Code of Practice Agreement (MOCoPA) is an Agreement between Electricity Distribution Businesses and Electricity Meter Operators in Great Britain. The Agreement authorises meter operators to install and connect meters to the lectricity network by clarifying that the equipment being provided, installed and maintained meets appropriate technical requirements and that work is carried out to adequate safety standards.

For gas meter installation, individuals must be deemed suitably competent and possess appropriate Gas Safe registration. By law all gas metering workers must be registered on the Gas Safe Register for categories relating to the work they perform.

By complying with MOCoPA and Gas Safe registration obligations, meter operators, their contractors’ and sub-contractors’ meter workers make decisions which have a significant impact on health and safety on a daily basis. A failure to meet required technical standards can be extremely serious as a failure of either electricity or gas system integrity, and any associated activities, has the potential to lead to death, injury, significant property damage and/or the loss of power and gas supplies to consumers.

Additionally, metering equipment can be located in inconspicuous or often hidden locations, so a fault or failure of the equipment can be difficult to detect and discovery may occur sometime after the original failure to meet technical standards. Meter Operators work extremely hard to ensure the metering equipment is as safe as is reasonably practicable including with regard to the competence of meter workers.

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