Scheme Structure


The scheme and the course content is designed specifically for the Gas sector in Northern Ireland. It is only relevant to all those involved in distribution operational activities that may affect the gas networks in Northern Ireland.

Training registration is based upon attendance of a trainer-delivered course and successful completion of all the respective assessments. This leads to the issue of a EUSR card that provides evidence of successful completion of the course. The card includes a passport size photograph of the holder, a unique registration number and the date of card issue.

The SCO (NI) training consists of one course, which is specifically tailored to meet individual operational competence requirements. The method for determining whether an individual can be registered as a Competent Person or an Authorising Engineer will be initially based on the assessments completed and at the discretion of the Networks’ Responsible Engineer.

The category issued on the card will reflect the selection made on the registration form.


The assessments comprise:

Competent Persons

  • Part A & Part B
  • D1 complete PtW and RAT Form
  • D2 complete NRO

Authorising Engineers and Trainers

  • Part A & Part B
  • C1 Audit PTW and RAT form
  • C2 Audit NRO form
  • D1 complete PtW and RAT Form
  • D2 complete NRO

Important Note:

Successful completion of any of the above SCO (NI) training courses does not infer competence sufficient to carry out any particular role.

The Employer’s Responsible Engineer(s) must ensure an individual’s role (e.g. Authorising Engineer) is correctly identified.

Estimated Durations

The following is a guide to the estimated durations of the respective training courses. The durations are class contact time.

  • Competent Persons and Authorising Engineer level one – 1 day
  • Competent Persons and Authorising Engineer level two – 2 days
  • Competent Persons and Authorising Engineeer level 3 – 3 days

It is recognised that the above delivery days need not be consecutive and may be split across a longer period. The assessment is structured to allow progression between levels.

The levels shown are internal levels to Phoenix Natural Gas and Firmus Gas and are not shown on the EUSR card or website.

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