Mobile Phone Number Submission Form

Please complete the form below so we can add your mobile phone number to your EUSR registration record. The first four fields must match your existing EUSR record. The last two allow you to add an email address (optional) and a mobile number (required) to your record.

All fields marked * are mandatory.

Why do we need your mobile phone number?

Mobile Number Data Capture
Your EUSR ID Number is on your EUSR card.
Please enter your date of birth in the following format: DD/MM/YYYY.
This can be either your work mobile phone number or personal mobile phone number.

Why do we need your mobile phone number?

From February 2022, all new EUSR registrations will have a ‘virtual’ card as standard – though some employers may pay £2 for an additional plastic smart card. To access your virtual card, we will need your mobile phone number – work or personal mobile. Later in 2022, we are extending virtual cards to all other ‘live’ EUSR registrations – but again, you can only gain access if we have your mobile phone number.

Note: You will still be able to use your existing plastic EUSR ID card, and our online register will still be available, 24/7, on our website homepage.

What is a ‘virtual’ card?

It’s a record of your EUSR registration that is held in a wallet app on your mobile phone – it works in the same way as other wallets such as ApplePay. See our FAQs for more information.

What will we do with your mobile phone number?

We will add your mobile phone number to your personal EUSR registration record.

To talk to one of our team please call 0121 745 1310 or email

If you have lost your EUSR card please visit the Replacement Cards page.