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Provider/Product Approval

The EEIAS Provider Approval and Product Approval service is a mechanism for ensuring that provision meets an Employer supported threshold for quality and strives for continuous improvement.

The Provider Approval process is predominantly a self-auditing process, designed to take account of and build on any existing quality standards that providers may already have.

The Benefits include:

  • Provides assessment against an Employer defined and owned Quality Framework Provides a quality benchmark of best practice for the organisation, to demonstrate internally and externally to your customers
  • Provider and Product approval provides a mechanism for those delivering programmes funded by the Energy and Efficiency Industrial Partnership (EEIP), through the Employer Ownership of Skills (EOS) fund
  • Dedicated provider page on the EEIAS website
  • Dedicated product listing page for every piece of learning and assessment approved on the EEIAS website
  • Access to tender for opportunities via the approved provider user section of the EEIAS website
  • Affiliation gives you access to a calendar of CPD discussion events and resource, directed and lead by affiliates, aimed at helping you to further drive the quality of your offering. Use affiliation as a paid- for method of L&D for your team by sending the relevant members of your team whose work area the event relates
  • Affiliation gives you Policy updates from with the sector, ideal for those wishing to enter the market Affiliation gives you access to Employability Bites. These are pre-packaged programmes of learning and assessment which can slot in any Youth Entrant programme
  • Approved Providers are able to provide us a case study for posting on the EEIAS website
  • Approved Providers will receive a dedicated 'Approved Provider' logo for use on their website and marketing collateral
  • Approved Product owners will receive an 'Approved Product' logo for use on the programme material and specific marketing collateral linked to the product
  • Approved Products must be registered on EUSR, which gives you and your customers a record, alongside the other programmes that they have completed, on the dedicated platform for the sector, and EUSR registration card or certificate, as well as 24 hour access to their record via the dedicated online register search ensuring achievement verification is possible at all times

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