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CSCS Affiliation

Energy & Utility Skills and Construction Skills have affiliated their registration schemes to enable access to construction sites for the purposes of utility connections and waste management.

All Energy & Utility Skills Register (EUSR) cards display a photograph of the card holder, their name and unique EUSR number. The reverse displays all registrations and their expiry dates. These details can be validated at any time on


CSCS Affiliated Cards

Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) affiliated cards are issued to operatives who have passed a Utility SHEA scheme since 1 December 2008. These operatives will have sat the new affiliated randomised health & safety test, if an operative has not sat one of these tests then the CSCS hologram will not appear on their card.

CSCS affiliated card

CSCS affiliated cards carry the CSCS hologram in the top left corner. A coloured bar may also appear under this hologram denoting the level that the operative has achieved in line with the CSCS card colour scheme.

Colour StripeLevel
BlueSkilled Worker


No CSCS Hologram

Cards which do not bear the CSCS hologram (as shown below) are not CSCS affiliated and may not be used for access to CSCS sites.

Non-CSCS affiliated card


Pre-December 2008 (old design cards)

As of 01 January 2008 the old design EUSR cards are recognised as an acceptable alternative to the CSCS card for utility workers providing they bear one of the following valid endorsements on the reverse.

  • Cross Country Pipelines Health & Safety Passport
  • Safety, Health & Environmental Awareness (Core)
  • Utility SHEA (Gas)/ Utility SHEA(Gas) Network/ Utility SHEA (Gas) AGI
  • Utility SHEA (Water)/ Utility SHEA (Water) Network/ Utility SHEA (Water) Process
  • Utility SHEA (Electricity)
  • Gas Network Safety Passport (GNSP) - there are none of these still valid
  • Water Network Safety Passport (WNSP) - there are none of these still valid

Old design card

Cards in the style above are accepted for access to CSCS sites.

Please note that we can no longer print this design of card. Replacement cards will not bear the CSCS hologram and will not be accepted for access to CSCS sites. If an operative loses their original card and still requires access to a CSCS site they will need to re-sit the appropriate affiliated Utility SHEA.