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SHEA Reciprocity

To enable individuals to move between utility industries, reciprocity exists between EUSR SHEA passport schemes. A dedicated Transition module is provided to introduce hazards specific to each industry and to contextualise the material that the individual has previously completed.

In addition, transition requires the delivery of industry specific modules that have not previously been delivered. These will vary depending upon which industry SHEA has previously been completed. The diagram below indicates which modules must be completed for an individual to transition to that industry.

Transition Module Structure

T1Power TransitionT2Waste Transition
T3CCPHSE TransitionT4Gas Transition
T5Water TransitionT6Telecoms Transition
A03Working in the HighwayA11Power Generation & Distribution
A04Welding & NDTA12Power Industry Hazards
A05Advanced EnvironmentA13Safety in Premises
A06Pressure Regulation InstallationA14Introduction to the Waste Sector
A07ExcavationsA15Waste Collection: Drivers & Operatives
A08Hygiene & HealthA16Processing & Sorting
A09Process OperationsA17Landfill Activities
A10Sewerage Network  

Example: An individual holds a Utility SHEA (Gas) registration, is eligible for transition and is now requiring a Utility SHEA (Water) for waste water network operations.

They must complete:

  • T5 - Water Transition Module
  • A08 - Hygiene & Health
  • A10 - Sewerage Network
  • There is no need for them to complete module A03 (Working in the Highway) as this was covered as part of their original Utility SHEA (Gas).

Registration Life

The lifetime of a registration gained through a transition course will vary dependent upon the time elapsed since the core modules were completed.

All SHEAs and CCPHSE will last for 3 years from the date that the core modules were completed, with the exception of Utility SHEA (Gas) registrations that will last for 5 years from the date of the core modules being delivered.


To be eligible to use the Transition courses to move between industries the individual must have completed the CSCS affiliated core modules within the previous 2 years.

The online register search at displays the following line where a transition course is permitted:

'Eligible for SHEA Reciprocity'