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Safety Health and Environmental Awareness (Power)

Become A Trainer

The Train The Trainer process comprises of three stages.

Assessment against Criteria

In order to become a EUSR Trainer it is expected prospective trainers meet the criteria for each particular scheme they wish to train for.

The Course material can be delivered by most proficient trainers, however EUSR set the following criteria so that trainers' are able to put the course material in context, and for example, talk knowledgeably about the Health and Safety issues in context, as it is considered this adds value for the trainees.

  • Knowledge and understanding of current working practices in field operations in the relevant industry
  • Experience of training or briefing
  • There are no additional scheme specific requirements

In order to demonstrate and evidence this, prospective trainers are required to complete a CV submission form and compile a CV detailing roles, responsibilities and qualifications held which demonstrate that they meet the criteria. It is essential that applicants demonstrate knowledge and experience of the particular industry the SHEA scheme is for. General statements about experience in utilities, construction or other related industries are usually insufficient for approval. Specific information about industry experience such as who the work was for (e.g. asset owner or contractor), what was involved and a timeframe for when this was done, would be very help to your approval prospects. This should be sent to

C.V.'s will be assessed by our industry representative and prospective trainers' will be contacted within 14 days. Successful applicants will be sent a list of available dates for the Train The Trainer workshop and a booking form which must be returned with the appropriate payment in order to secure a place.

Completion of a CV Submission Form and a CV for approval is required by Trainers who are already approved to deliver EUSR courses and who wish to train for additional schemes.

Train The Trainer Workshop

The Train The Trainer workshops take place at our offices in Solihull and have a duration of approximately one working day. The day includes development of training skills and covers the scheme content and delivery methodology. All course materials are issued, and guidance is given for administration of the registration process. On this day, trainers' are required to sign a Trainer Code of Practice and can choose to have their details displayed on the EUSR website in order to be contacted by companies and individuals seeking a training provider.

Field Approval

A EUSR Approver will, with prior arrangement, observe a training session and offer feedback based on the delivery technique. The Field Approval is conducted to ensure trainers operate and deliver courses in accordance with EUSR specifications and standards. We recommend that trainers' deliver the course a couple of times before undertaking the Field Approval to ensure familiarity with the course material. The Field Approval should be scheduled, by the trainer, within six months of attending the Train The Trainer workshop. A successful Field Approval is required in order to continue training, upon which, Trainers' will be issued with an Approved Trainer EUSR card.