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Basic Electrical Safety Competence

Scheme Overview

The Basic Electrical Safety Competence (BESC) registration scheme was intended for all persons who work directly or indirectly, on or near operational plant and equipment connected with electricity transmission and distribution.

The BESC assessment did not include a training aspect. Persons undergoing assessment were expected to have received sufficient training from their company or training provider. Company specific induction training was also required to acquaint persons with local requirements and work procedures.

BESC assessments were available in three areas of electrical transmission and distribution:

  • Substations
  • Overhead Lines
  • Underground Cables

The scheme standards were at a basic level and dealt with entering, moving around and exiting work areas. They did not cover skills required for carrying out work tasks. Where persons were required to enter more than one category of work area they should have achieved all the relevant standards.

The scheme was originally known as "Resets" and was developed by a task force made up of the Electricity Association Management Co-ordinating Committee (Distribution and Transmission) with the assistance of the Electricity Company Training Managers and the Electrical Training Association.


The Basic Electrical Safety Competence scheme is now closed. Assessments must be completed under the BESC: AME scheme through an approved provider. A list of accredited centres is available here.